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Couple | Marital | Family Counseling


Couple or Marital Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or counseling designed to help couples recognize and resolve any form of conflict or challenges that may weigh on their relationship. It has the potential to resolve new conflicts as well as deep-rooted, long-standing ones.


Are you struggling alone about these ...?

  • Indifference and coldness in the marriage

  • Poor communication that leads to misunderstanding and conflict 

  • ​Hostile & hysterical quarrels(※ if DV, first seek Individual counseling)

  • Stark differences in personality, values and lifestyle 

  • ​Financial troubles due to value conflict or dysfunctional habits

  • Complicated in-laws relationship 

  • Intimacy & Sexual Issues (e.g., Sexless, Extra marital affair)

  • Chronic or terminal illness

  • Midlife crisis and life phase transition  (e.g., empty nest)

  • ​UUnforgiveness & Consideration for a divorce


​If you are interested to have a comprehensive overview of your relationship, ask your therapist about "Marriage Check-Up" Course. There's a fee of  ¥5,000 for the  Survey Assessment Form. And it needs to be  accompanied by a follow Extended Couple session to discuss the result. This course is available AFTER the first Intake session.  

Extension up to 30 minutes)

Extension up to 30 minutes)


All families struggle about something! And some problems are also rooted in the family dynamics. Thus, family involvement sometimes is the better approach for the greater awareness-raising and resolution. In other cases, the presence and the support of family members can serve as a powerful resource to bring encouragement, empowerment and restoration.   


What your family concerns about?

  • My child isn't doing well these days ... but he said "nothing"

  • I've a suspicion that my daughter is being bullied at school

  • My son refuses to go to school (hikikomori)

  • How can I repair my relationship with my adult daughter?

  • My child  is going through puberty, He/she is out of control! 

  • We're ALL stressed out with this whole entrance exams thing

  • I need some information on how to do a better parenting  

  • We are in transition as a family, we like to  discuss and get some sense of direction.

  • What's this? ADHD? ASD (Asperger)?NPD? It's so hard relating with this person

* At our Main Office in Takasago, we have toys, books and movies available for your young children or other family members to enjoy while waiting for your therapy session.  


Getting a divorce is one of the most scary and painful decisions to make in life, especially. if you have a child. Most couples who contemplate a divorce realize that their decision will not only affect their individual self and lifestyle, but also the children.

With many essential changes and responsibilities, such as living condition, parenting time, finances, etc., divorcing couples often vacillate back-and-forth or just pull the trigger without giving another thought.

In counseling, we assist our clients gently and objectively to assess if divorce is really the best choice.

​Together, we facilitate our clients to calmly identify and carefully discuss before proceeding to make a decision.


Do you question yourselves about these ...

  • I'm thinking about divorce, but I'm at a loss

  • ​Is there such a thing as a "good" divorce?

  • What a single life post-divorce be like?

  • Would my divorce affect my children psychologically?

  • Divorce v. Repair? Which is better? How would I know?

  • How can we reduce the negative effects on our children even a little?

  • What can we share good parenting responsibilities after divorce?


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* If you would like to make a reservation by yourself for consultation on marital issues, please apply from individual counseling.


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