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In life, we encounter myriads of problems. No one seems to be completely exempt from the pain of disappointment, misunderstanding and incompleteness in relationship and other aspects of life. Some dream of romantic relationship or marriage to be the answer to their loneliness, a boost to their self-esteem or even way to recapture an experience of love, safety and intimacy that they never had in their childhood. Yet, only discovered that they repeated and relived the dysfunctional patterns they tried so hard to reject.

Today, we generally live more abundantly than the previous generations. We know, possess, and experience more, but the quality of our lives seem to show different things. Many are struggling with stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and even losses that they don't realize, let alone know how to handle it effectively. As we are trying to produce more, achieve higher and accumulate more, we'd sacrifice things that are truly matter: our personal and relational well being. 

Although you may not be able to dodge all the mistakes, hurt and pain that life brings, you still have the choice to rise above your painful circumstances and make a difference in your life and the lives of those you love. 

Life Design Counseling believes that 

Our clients, with the right process, guidance and support, as well as a commitment, CAN DESIGN their lives. 

Life Design has just celebrated its 10th Anniversaries. We're located in Higashi Harima, Hyogo Prefecture. We have had the pleasure of serving close to a thousand clients since its opening. Although we are a specialist in human relational dynamics, we also offer individual counseling and psychotherapy for clients who wish to work on their personal matters, recovery and growth.  

Don't delay to address your concerns while they are still manageable. We look forward to have the pleasure of assisting you!



Dr. Andrew Tezuka


Consult with the expert

Dr. Andrew graduated with a PhD specializing in couple & marital therapy and human dynamics in the USA. Trained extensively in a variety of settings as a researcher-practioner, he's well equipped to provide a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate support to his clients. Currently, based in Japan, Dr. Andrew has become a valuable resource for his surrounding communities. He is one of the few marriage and family specialists in Japan.


Paired counselor | Balanced male-female perspectives

At Life Design, as a married couple, we offer our clients  a very unique experience and perspectives, especially couples - more particularly cross cultural couples. Our clients feel at ease because of this balanced dynamic. In addition, they also receive a richer and fuller both male-and-female perspective in understanding themselves and resolving their presenting problems.  

Life Design Features


​Consult with confidence

At Life Design, we are intentional in providing you a peaceful, private, and exclusive space where you can feel relaxed and safe. We're committed to listen and understand you, and capture your concerns intelligently. We will ease you into a dialogue where you could let your guard down, and tell your stories transparently. There won't be any imposition of values in the process. Also, be rest assured that the content of your consultation is strictly kept confidential. Lastly, you will likely have a very minimal chance to wait or encounter other client as we design our appointment time thoughtfully. You can feel safe with and confident about us! 


Consult without pressure!

Be rest assured that  you will have the choice of whether or not to continue the counseling process after the first meeting. There's no pressure from our part.  We believe in the "goodness of fit" between the Dr-Client relationship. If you decide to continue the process, we do recommend starting off 2X/month as a general guideline for optimal process. A weekly counseling is also available in case of urgent cases or when quicker process is desired. However, the pace of counseling will be collaboratively discussed with you at the end of the first session. 


​[ Licensure & Certification ]

Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist | LCMFT #706 , State of KS, USA 

Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) | USA

Certified Life & Leadership Coach

​Advanced Certified Autism Specialist | Level 2 ABA | IBCCES  | 2020-2021

​[ Academic Background ]

B. A. in Counseling | University of the Nations, HI, USA

M. A. in Theology | Fuller Theological Seminary, CA, USA 

M. S. in Marriage & Family Therapy | Fuller Graduate School of Psychology,  CA, USA) 

Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy | Kansas State University, KS, USA


​Founder & Licensed Therapist

​[Professional Membership ]

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT) | USA

International  Mental Health Professional Japan (IMHPJ) | JAPAN

​Association of Christian Counselor of Indonesia (AKKI) | INDONESIA

​[Professional Experiences ]

CLINICAL | University Counseling, Outpatient/Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital, Community Mental Health, Private Practice | USA,  JAPAN.

FACULTY & LECTURER | University, Seminary, Conference, Organization | USA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE.

​COACHING & CONSULTING | Organization, Non-Profit, Religious Community 



Interpreter, Co-facilitator, Administrative Manager

She is a Hyogo prefecture Native.  She has some short-term study abroad and volunteering experiences in Hawaii, Switzerland and Brazil. Since married to Dr. Andrew, she lived for about 11 years in the United States. She has two teenage daughters.  As a personal assistant to Dr. Andrew, she assists with interpretation, Client's appointment reservation and Administrative Management. 

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