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[Smartphone / Tablet Users]

❶ Install the Apps in advance. For iPhone, access the Apple Store. For Android, you download it from the Google Play Store.


❷ Click the URL in the email sent to confirm the reservation of the schedule after installation Example) You can download it from


❸ Start audio and video connection. Click "Connect to audio" → "Call via Internet" and turn on "Start video" next to it. (The shaded state is off) Now you can hear the other party's voice and the actual screen will be displayed. If the volume of the other party's voice is too low / loud, try adjusting it with the volume button on your smartphone or tablet.


Depending on the device, the Apps may ask you to confirm your permission to use the microphone or camera, but tap "Allow" or "OK" for all.

❹ The actual screen is displayed (counseling starts)

❺ Exiting from the screen (End of counseling). To exit counseling, click "Exit" at the bottom right to exit the meeting.

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