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Our counseling service is By APPOINTMENT ONLY

If you are a new client, please ​make an ONLINE RESERVATION

Life Design Counseling services are not covered by any form of health insurance

 Life Design does not prescribe psychotropic medications


Q. How many times do I need the counseling or coaching session?

A. It all depends on your concerns, needs, and goals. Some clients only seek one-time consultation session due to the simple nature of their concerns. For most clients, they would need subsequent sessions in order to address their more complex and deeper issues. We often recommend our clients to try investing in this process for at least 3-4 months at an interval of twice a month. Then re-evaluate. Most clients notice some initial positive changes and improvement in the quality of their lives.

Q. Is it possible to have a walk-in appointment or be seen on the same day?  

A. Our service is "by appointment only", And we accept any reservations UP TO A DAY BEFORE the meeting at the latest. Please plan ahead. 

Q. Is it possible to cancel after booking?

A. Up to 48 hours PRIOR to the scheduled appointment, cancellation is free of charge. However, it will incur fees if the cancellation is initiated less than 48 Hours. Under unexpected circumstances , such as sudden illness, bad-weather, accident, exception can be made.  

Q. Do you accept any health insurance?

A. No, unfortunately, in Japan, counseling services generally are not covered by health insurance because it is not a medical practice. 

Q. Are counseling, therapy, or coaching effective?

A. There are several correlating factors that contribute to an efficacy of therapeutic, counseling or coaching process. The goodness of fit between the therapist's attributes and skills to the clients' personality and needs, the severity of the presenting issues, the client's resources, etc. We always encourage our client to be "invested", "consistent", "patience" and "actively cooperative" in the process. We see a much higher success rate in clients who demonstrate these attributes.  

Q. It's a couple issue, can I come alone?

A. Yes, certainly, you can seek counseling alone. There are couple/marital cases, such as chronic DV, personality disorders,  that are in fact best addressed in individual session. When you are uncertain, make an individual session first. We can help evaluate your dynamics. If we determine that the case is best addressed as a couple. Then couple counseling will be recommended. If you come alone for your couple concerns, we will give you advice and skills on how to edify yourself and to deal with your relationship more effectively.

Q. I'm thinking of divorce, but I'm worried about my child. ....

A. One of the most challenging part of divorcing is the potential adverse effects on your child. We hope that you seriously take these impact into consideration and make a careful decision. If divorce is truly unavoidable, we can guide you in the counseling process how to create an environment that is less damaging to your children after divorce.

Q. Is there any age restriction to access counseling?

A. Generally, we would need a parental consent for those who are under the age of 18. However, in the cases of parental abuse, some exception will be made. 

Q. Why haven't I received the confirmation email?

A. We are committed to respond to our clients as promptly as possible. In case, you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your junk email folder. Don't hesitate to send us an email if this concerns persists for more than 24 hours. 

Q. I have been seeing a psychiatrist, should I get counseling, too?

A. Psychiatrist and Therapist/Counselor play a different  role. Even if you are already receiving care from psychosomatic medicine or psychiatry, you will be more benefited to add counseling to your treatment process. Consult and share your intention to your doctor. By attending counseling, you will learn a new way of thinking and skills that will have a long term positive effects for your life. 

Q. What is the difference between psychiatry and therapy/counseling?

A. Psychiatry has the medical authority to prescribe medication to the clients who suffer from psychological symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, etc. The focus of the treatment is symptoms management through psychopharmacological approach (medicines). Client would normally have a very limited time to share and process their internal concerns in the context of psychiatry. However, in therapy/counseling, the focus is on addressing the root issues through insights, healing interaction and development of skills. In this context, clients will be further empowered through self-expression and validating relational process.   

Q. What should I do if I am late for the appointment?

A. Be informed that your appointment time is the starting time. If you are late, unfortunately your session will be consequently shorter. Thank you for your understanding!  

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