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Individual Psychotherapy | Counseling


Are you trying to face things alone?  There are ways to deal with with your hurt and pain, and even things that you think " impossible".

It is okay not to face and try to solve things  alone. It makes a difference to have someone who can walk with you and support you. 

Would you reach out  for help?


Typical Emotional Concerns ...

  • Am I depressed ...?

  • I don't know what to do with myself when I am panic

  • I easily get frustrated and angry, and when that happens it's ugly!

  • My feelings are ups and downs, very unstable

  • Am I an "HSP" (Highly Sensitive Person) ...? It's hard to live a life w/ this

  • I tend to worry and overthink. As result I can't sleep

  • I'm worried about the future, but I don't know how to improve myself

  • This stress about work and relationship are killing me! Ugh

  • Am I addicted to ...........? !! (* gambling, internet, shopping, alcohol, pornography, etc.)

By talking to a counselor, you will realize what you have not noticed before and thus deepen your understanding of yourself.

Your counselor will guide and equip you with skills to change your thinking patterns and  assist you develop new strategies.

​When you cannot change your circumstances, you can still change yourself. Don't lose hope!


Typical Relational Concerns ...

  • I am suffering from power or sexual harassment at work. What  should I do?

  • I don't feel motivated to go to work or school

  • I just can't understand my child's | parent's | co-worker's | boss' behaviors?

  • I'm always over-conscious of how people view me?

  • I can't keep up with the people around me

  • I'm scared of people. I'm scared of giving my opinion. I'm scared of criticism.

  • I feel I always disappoint people around me. What's wrong with me?!

  • I want to be married but have no idea to meet people 

  • I can't convey what I wanted to convey, people tend to misunderstand me

  • I can't recover from a broken heart, my romantic life doesn't go so well


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